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Kyrios 2014-11-30 19:38:19
Is the site dead or what? We paid for it and we demand some information what is going on. Jarek you are not following the rules of this page. Read what you wrote on the About Us page and rethink your behaviour. This is my last subscription I will not pay for something that is not working as it should be.
Stickman 2014-12-03 17:23:41
It's completely unacceptable and I'll be contacting PayPal to get a refund. You've taken money in exchange for a service and failed to provide that service. You're a thief.
erethrin 2014-12-05 01:46:14
well at least give us a update (like you been sick , mortality in the family , your dead , anything
Julius 2014-12-05 17:35:21
hmm I kinda agree with my pre-commentors...
oxytheox 2014-12-06 18:38:00
This subscription sucks. Nothing has been posted for months
thogar 2014-12-09 05:49:39
I love these tutorials and I'm getting pretty concerned. Hope we get an explanation soon.
pincifederico 2014-12-14 12:01:47
come on guys don't be so harsh. True we paid but all the content we got is definitely worth 3 dollars a month already. Let's say we paid 1 dollar a tutorial? Eventually some other form of payment (1$ a tutorial?) would be more transparent in the future and leave wargamingzone more flexibility in terms of adding new content to the site. This said yep, I agree he should give some explanation and keep us updated on what's next. it is also true that some of the later videos are kinda overlong and overall less interesting than the freely available ones in my opinion. Still among the best tutorials out there.
MattZane 2014-12-28 01:22:23
I'm a little concerned too. I expected fairly frequent new videos. I paid for an annual subscription last month, and nothing new seems to have been added. A few videos don't even work. As paying customers, I think we deserve an explanation.

I hope Jarek is okay.
Seth 2015-01-07 21:58:58
I don't realy get all this anger about no new videos. Its like two months and atleast december is more devoted to family than painting I guess. I paid the 35 $ for a huge backlog of HD painting tutorials and even if the site would shut down tomorrow it would have been worth it. The subscription is not auto renewing either, so there realy is no loss of money involved.

Comments like from Stickman are totally uncalled for and I'm sure there will be new content soon.
Stickman 2015-01-09 09:47:32
It's not uncalled for at all. I'm happy you're enjoying the videos that have been on here for a year and a bit now. Explain how taking money and giving nothing in return, things that are all laid out in the blurb designed to sell the site, is anything other than theft or fraud. Then explain why no-one involved with the site can even be contacted.

If Jaro had released a dvd of the tutorials and charged $35 for it as a one off payment (which is exactly what he should have done, by the way), we wouldn't be having this conversation. It's not about 'value for money', it's about expecting a business to uphold its promises to its customers.
Seth 2015-01-09 13:15:55
>Explain how taking money and giving nothing in return [...] is anything other than theft or fraud.

How are you getting nothing in return? You get access to the videos. To quote from the subscription page:
Full access to all our video tutorials with an option do download them for personal use
Exclusive tutorials
Ability to post comments
Your requests for tutorials will be pushed up in the queue

I'm not sure for point 4, because I have never participated in the request threads, but access to videos, ability to download, exclusive tutorials and posting comments? All there. There is no promise of X new videos every month, simple as that.

You pay for what is THERE not for what might be coming. If thats not enough for you, don't pay for it. I'll also not renew my subscription if there will be no new videos but as I sad, the current tutorials were well worth the 35$ for me.

If Jaro has no valid reason and just "doesn't care anymore", its his loss, because he will not get any money anymore. Maybe something realy bad happened and because he is the only person running this site, as with buypainted, noone is there to give an update.

Stickman 2015-01-10 08:48:34
I'm not paying for what is there. I AM paying for what was promised to come. What is already there isn't what Jaro needed the money for, he said that himself. The subs would enable him to do better things, that's the whole point.

"Once a month I will announce a Tutorial on demand where all subscribers will vote and I will paint the miniature they'll choose. And the painted miniature will be given for free to one of the voters who wanted it. In Poland it is illegal to organize a lottery without a government permission, so ? there will be no draw, but I will give the model at random to one of the voters."


"But the most important benefit will be for you all ? there will be more and more interesting tutorials for the subscribers of the new website and Buypainted channel audience as well. I will still be releasing tutorials on youtube, but you will get more content on the subsribe site."

More debatable, but I'd say there's very little GOOD exclusive content that makes this worthwhile over the YouTube channel.

Obviously, I don't want anything bad to have happened, but how many times are we going to have to have this kind of conversation? When Jaro decided to start accepting payment he made a tacit commitment to his customers to provide a FUTURE service (one-off payment for a year, not monthly sub), and it just hasn't happened throughout the lifetime of the site.

I'll agree that my language is very strong, but I'm so frustrated!

peteralmo 2015-01-12 07:20:07
I think the main issue is a lack of communication. If he is undergoing difficulties and has to put new content on hold, fine, a quick post can lay all this speculation to rest. I'm not asking Jaro to inundate me with new content - I am asking him, or a surrogate for him, for some communication.
Julius 2015-01-16 13:45:25
I totally agree with peteramlo...Some kind of livesign would be nice
Inaccordance 2015-02-03 02:59:25
Wow. How would you all feel if you found out Jaroslaw had met with an accident, or a family emergency, and you were here whining because he hasn't posted a video for a couple of months? Seems more than a little unreasonable to me. He might very well be incapable of responding at this time.

Jaroslaw's posted enough videos over the duration of his career already that even for new subscribers, the fee is, I think, justified. I've watched his free videos repeatedly. The money I sent his way via the subscription is more to say, "Thanks for all the good advice and hard work," than it is to ensure that I get something more.

Be a little more considerate. Kind of makes me ashamed to be a modeler, the messages I've just read here in this forum.
jgascoine011 2015-02-05 16:46:35
The thing is, is that Jaro said 1 video per month. Well its been what 6 months now since the last video.

If he was Ill then i understand him not posting anything but really can he not tell us. Just a simple "im ill, cant work atm" would do.

People aren't that bothered about the lack of video's. They are more annoyed about the lack (nonexistent) communication
Stickman 2015-02-07 01:09:18
if you want to send Jaro little thankyous, donate via PayPal. All the best to you, what a kind gesture.

You might want to save some money to groom and feed your high horse though.
Darran_Newman 2015-02-09 17:09:11
I too am frustrated at the lack of new material. It not about the subscription fee for me, I love his videos and want to see more. The thing that annoys me is the complete lack of communication. The chances are he's still alive but for some reason he's just abandoned the site. Maybe a new business venture? I've checked his YouTube sub as well and nothing there either. I think in time he'll come back online and I hope he will explain where's he's been, and hopefully apologise too! JARO, WHERE ARE YOU!!?????
Thrawn 2015-02-23 23:06:04
I'm so frustrated.
If I had've known this befor, I would've subscribed only for 1 month for downloading all the tutorials.
That's the way I'll manage this in future - if Jaro returns with new stuff from the subsidence.
JudgeJedd 2015-05-18 08:29:20
I subscribed for 1 year as of today. I have not paid for new content or old,just a contribution to a great painter with lots of handy tips and great tutorials.
Kyrios 2015-06-11 22:56:52
And again a lot of time without any new content. Overall over 3 months of subsciption were without any new content. It's not right and I except a refund.
victor323 2015-06-18 02:37:15
still waiting

Stickman 2015-06-26 11:27:28
Forget it. Total rip-off.
texastony1946 2015-07-20 00:30:26
Can we get a video that works? The latest Harlequin video
quits working after about 4 minutes. Half of the new videos don't work.
texastony1946 2015-07-23 01:49:33
No reply, I guess I'm the only one left on the forum.
Stickman 2015-08-02 19:12:01
Trying to get anything done or even a reply is an exercise in futility.
jobe261 2015-08-08 20:25:11
In my opinion this site is worth way more than 35$ a year. Some of you guys are the whiniest pricks of all time. We have unlimited access to a huge wealth of techniques and knowledge for a very small price. The lack of communication is sad, and even worrisome. I hope Jaro is ok.

If you're not satisfied with your subscription then stop joining. Why do you have to come on here and be haters. What if Jaro took this site down. That would be a great loss to our community, especially to beginner painters/modelers.

To Jaro: Please don't take the site down!!
Grevogh 2015-08-09 11:27:18
I agree with you jobe, its just that he announced way more than he delivers. Not even fixing broken vids etc..

In addition you can read people blaming jaro for fraud on the web over and over again, which leaves a taste of intentionally running this site the way it is done.

This site could be so much more than it is, thats the most frustrating part of it.

Still the price for the amount of data is not big.
I would be glad to pay more if the site is run the way it has been announced....

Smolderin 2015-08-19 16:00:14
How long has it been now since the last video? 8, 9 months? Im beginning to think he's dead.
SpecNL 2015-08-27 14:08:00
Some info would be nice...
VulkanHeDan 2015-09-16 15:42:42
It would be fantastic if all the videos worked..... getting very irritating that most of the multipart tutorials I've tried to watch only have the first part working.....

If I'd of known what I know now when I signed up I wouldn't have bothered. There's a lot of good looking videos but nota lot thst work from start to finish. Very disappointed
Stickman 2015-10-07 09:43:42
So, now the YouTube channel has new content and here doesn't.

/slow clap
Grevogh 2015-12-13 13:56:46
copyright of 2014 for the new vid, so not new at all

Darkson 2016-08-24 19:01:53
My subscription is coming to an end and it has been months since the last video was added. At this point I will not be reupping my subscription. It's a real shame as I really like the tutorials.

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