How to paint a Tyranid Harpy?

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Evilreg 2014-03-29 17:45:31
Nice to see new content hope to see more soon
hellbent 2014-03-30 16:20:27
i love the colors on this figure. great job!
Parodius 2014-04-10 22:25:50
Excellent Colors choice !
simonward66 2015-03-09 11:25:29
Great tutorial, I'm planning to give this a go. I think there are some paints missing from the list, notably what I think is Vallejo Model Color 812 Violet Red for the first carapace highlight. Also, where did you use Gold Yellow? You call this Red Violet, then later say "Red Violet Oil wash (filter)". That oil colour did you use for this? Off Topic: BTW your oilwash technique works great. Floor polish plus Van Dyke Brown on my Blood Angels gives superb pin washing to the armour recesses and any filter effect on the plates can be rubbed off where not required. More Off Topic: You use "Stil de Grain Brown" to make a wash (in other tutorials) but I can't find that (Yellow yes, references to Green, but not a Brown Oil paint). What is the nearest equivalent in, say, the Winsor and Newton Range? ( Hope you can answer my questions. So glad I took out this subscription.
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