How to paint Dark Angels Ravenwing Bike Squadron?

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Tutorial on how to paint Dark Angels Ravenwing Bike Squadron from Dark Vengeance

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HannesH 2013-07-11 13:27:06
Hy there Jaroslaw. I am in need of two small hints on problems I have, painting my Ravenwing. 1. How do I paint the fine line edges (less than 0,75mm) on the bikes (older ones,no sharp edges). Painting them with a brush always end up in a mess having big chunky lines. Airbrushing them doesnt work, because I cant spray such straight fine lines. I also tried to build a tool for lines but they all ended up too broad. Using tape seems to work, but hell I needed 2 hours only for 5 lines on the front part of a bike... Any tips? 2. I tried to copy your blueish oil wash, since it looks damn sexy on the angelwings...beeing wet it comes very close to your work, but after drying it has a very grizzled (dont know how to name it)look... it doesnt completely run in the recesses, building blue sprinkles on the should-stay-white-part of the wings. Hope I could describe it clear enough. I am open for any help and I am very thankful for the inspiration you gave to me!
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